In the UK

NB: Please note, due to the current pandemic all face-to-face classes in the 2020/2021 academic year are being delivered online. Therefore, no students will be travelling to the UK in this academic year. A decision on whether students will be able to travel for the September 2021 semester will be made in due course. In the meantime, you can read the information below for insight into the usual procedure for students travelling to the UK.

Arriving in the UK you will need copies of your HCRI offer letter and your LOI, and a record of the length of your stay in the UK.


You will need money for the journey to your Liverpool or Manchester accommodation. To estimate the cost of this journey, please search for your journey cost online here. The 'origin station' is your airport, and 'destination station' is 'Liverpool Lime Street' or 'Manchester Piccadilly'.


Private accommodation would typically be arranged for students in either Liverpool or Manchester. Fees for the accommodation are covered by your OC.

Per Diems

The per diem rate would vary depending on whether you are staying in Manchester or Liverpool. In past semesters, the per diem has typically been around £25 per day to include money for food and travel.

Students should ensure their per diem is provided prior to travelling to the UK.

Need More Information?

All the necessary information for students travelling to the UK is usually outlined in the student information pack, which is provided to students by the HCRI prior to the face-to-face period (you can also read it online here).