Study in 2022/2023

Student commitment

LEAP represents an excellent opportunity for MSF staff to develop their skills and broaden their understanding of humanitarian management and leadership. To get the most out of the programme, it is important that students demonstrate a high level of commitment. The following has been created to show the responsibilities of students enrolled on the programme.

Whilst enrolled on the LEAP Programme I will commit to...

  • Ensuring I discuss my module choices each semester with my OCs LEAP team, my line manager or pool manager (for those not currently in the field) before they are confirmed, this is to ensure that together we agree that the workload and the timing of face-to-face modules/assessments are reasonable at the time of choosing modules.

  • Engaging with all course material and participating in class and blackboard discussions.

  • Submitting all assignments on time.

  • Giving appropriate notice and informing The University of Manchester (UoM), as well as my OC, of my intention to drop or change a module.

  • Reading the student handbook, student information pack, and all other information sent by UoM.

  • Using my student email to regularly check for updates.

  • Treating staff and fellow students equally and respectfully.

  • Travelling to the UK to attend the face to face period on the dates agreed and, in the event, I am unable to travel to the UK, ensuring I catch up on the remote access materials or notify UoM if there are any issues.*

  • Communicating face to face dates and study leave periods with my line manager in the field or at HQ.*

  • Maintaining appropriate communication, including notification of any absences or inability to submit work on time.

  • Notifying my line manager, OC and UoM of any change in personal circumstance which impacts my ability to continue the course, including, my MSF employment status.

* Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the face to face period has temporarily been replaced with an intensive study period. During this time, students will still be expected to communicate the intensive study period dates to their line manager in the field or at HQ, and inform UoM if unable to attend classes.

Due to the nature of MSF’s work, it is recognized that occasionally staff may be working in difficult conditions which impacts their ability to meet all these conditions. Therefore, we ask all LEAP students to please plan ahead and give pre-warning if you foresee any impending situations which may affect your studies. In such circumstances, please notify your line manager and UoM immediately.

What to do if you cannot study anymore

If you have been accepted onto the LEAP programme, but you can no longer attend, it is very important that you communicate this with the MSF UK LEAP team, your OC, and HCRI as soon as possible. We will try to accommodate those who need to defer their entry point or interrupt their studies for a semester.