Standalone Modules

New pilot pathway

NB: Only candidates from OCA, OCB and OCP can apply for standalone modules through this pathway at the moment. If you are from OCG and you would like to study individual modules, please apply as normal through your OC. For OCBA candidates, standalone modules will become available for application later in the year.

The standalone modules pathway is a new pathway of the LEAP programme which will be piloted for the 2020/2021 academic year. This pathway has been specifically made for candidates interested in studying one online module (up to a maximum of two to be studied at a different time) relevant to their current or next role. After completion of 1-2 modules via this pathway, there will also be the possibility to continue to one of the longer pathways. To do this you must apply to the programme via your OCs regular application process. Past performance from the modules you have already studied will be taken into account when you apply.

This pathway could be particularly relevant for candidates who:

  • Are interested in only studying 1 or 2 modules which are relevant to their current or next MSF role.

  • Those who are considering applying for the full programme but would like to try one or two courses before committing to a longer pathway.

Application process

Unlike the longer pathways, applications for the standalone modules pathway will be processed and administered directly by the LEAP London programme team. Your OC, however, will still be consulted throughout the process in order to gain approval for your participation on your course(s).

In order to apply, the key academic criteria you must meet is as follows:

  • 2:1 undergraduate degree or international equivalent (if you do not have an academic degree your application will still be considered if you can demonstrate relevant prior experience and skills in the humanitarian sector).

  • Minimum level of C1 English.

Applications will stay open throughout the academic year, however there are specific deadlines which vary depending on the module you are applying for. Please view the module list, for further information on all the modules available for application and their deadlines.

English Language Information

It is essential that your English language level is at a C1 minimum to take the LEAP.

You can take an online EF SET test, free-of-charge, to give you an idea of your level.

The results of this test will be required for your application.

For a full guide on the English language test equivalents, please see this document.


Under this new pathway only online modules will be available for students to study. For the first semester (September to December) of the 2020/2021 academic year, this will also include two of the core blended modules which, though usually offered online with a two-week face-to-face, will be fully online for the first term. You can find a list of all the modules available via the following link:

Please note, the list of modules are not definitive and may be updated as and when new modules become available. For further information on all of the modules available through the LEAP programme, please visit the external LEAP website.

How to apply?

To apply for a standalone module, please provide:

Note for non-Gmail users: You will have to send an email with your documents (CV and EF Set test results) to

You can find further application instructions on the first page of the application form.

We strongly recommend that you inform your line manager or HR contact (HRCo, development manager, career manager or pool manager) about your application as soon as possible.

You will be asked to provide a recommendation from your line manager (or if international staff between missions your HRCo/ development manager/ career manager/ pool manager) in the application form. If you are shortlisted, your line manager (as well as the HR contact for international staff between missions), will be informed and will need to confirm your availability to study the module(s) you have chosen. The more they are on board, the higher the likelihood is you will receive their support!


For further information on the standalone modules pathway and on how to apply, please contact the LEAP team at

Do not forget to read our full English Language Guidelines before applying.