The Application Process

There are differences in OC approaches...

LEAP is an ambitious and innovative L&D initiative that requires the coordination of multiple OCs and their staff. Therefore, in order to make it accessible to the highest possible number of MSF staff, the LEAP team has had to tailor the programme to the needs of each OC.

In practice this means that not all pathways will be open to all interested candidates. Please therefore read the information carefully that relates to your specific OC.

NB: If you are connected to more than one OC, please read our FAQ page for guidance on which OC you should apply to.

Application webinar

If you are thinking about applying for the programme, we recommend watching an application webinar held this year for further information about the programme and advice on how to apply.

You can access the recording and slides via the links below:

To find out more about the application process...

Please choose your OC from the list below, or send an email to relevant email address.

OCP enquiries:

Do not forget to read our full English Language Guidelines before applying.