Applications for the September 2020 intake are now open!

Closing date: 31/03/2020.

Our vision for LEAP

The OCG vision for LEAP is built on the values of diversity, inclusion and gender-equality. This follows on from the ‘People, people, people’ statement published by the ExCom in October 2017, which affirmed that MSF needs to more strongly embrace the diversity of the organisation and foster an environment where staff can realise their full potential.

The goal of LEAP is to ensure we develop a talented workforce and future leadership that reflects the great diversity of the organisation. We want to ensure all our staff have access to world-leading universities, particularly those who otherwise would not have the means to pursue this level of education outside of MSF.

Who is it for?

LEAP is here to support MSF’s current and potential leaders, with an emphasis on ensuring the programme is accessible to those who would otherwise not have the means to pursue a postgraduate level qualification.

For OCG, we have based our selection criteria on the following:

  • 90% of students must originate from countries where OCG have operations
  • All students must have at least 3 years’ prior MSF experience in the last 7 years
  • Medical profiles and gender balance will be strongly represented

If you have developed your skills through professional experience in the humanitarian sector, you will also be considered, even if you do not have a university degree.

Your application should emphasise the relevant aspects of your professional experience and demonstrate your ability to produce written work.

We particularly encourage applications from those who have, as a minimum, some management experience within their role, and/or those who are technical specialists. This includes, but is not limited to: medical and non-medical coordinators and deputies/ assistants, supervisors, activity managers, doctors, nurses and paramedical staff.

How will we prioritize applicants?

Candidates will be selected based on their potential, motivation and relevant experience, as reflected in their applications. These will be assessed by a selection committee of MSF representatives at the end of September 2019. There will be a limited number of places each year: 10 places are available in January 2020.

OCG candidates are eligible to apply for either short courses, the Postgraduate Certificate, or the Postgraduate Diploma. Applications made for the full Masters programme will not be considered at this time.

English Language Information

It is essential that your English language level is at a C1 minimum to take the LEAP.

You can take an online E F SET test, free-of-charge, to give you an idea of your level.

The results of this test will be required for your application.

For a full guide on the English language test equivalents, please see this document.

How can you apply?

If you wish to apply for the LEAP programme please provide the following:

A short video introducing yourself and your motivation.

Completed application form (Excel and Word files):

CV / Career resume.

Please see the first page of the Word application form for more information.

If you are not under contract (e.g. between field assignments), send your application to your GPO who you believe will be able to provide the information requested in this form to write the recommendation. The Human Resources Coordinator (HRCo) / Career Manager or Lauren for HQ staff will send your completed application to the L&D Officers.

Complete applications should be sent also to your direct line manager (field or HQ level).

For the minimum academic and English language level requirements, please see the LEAP English Language Guide.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

There are two phases in the selection process: an internal MSF process (in April 2020) and then one at the University of Manchester / Liverpool (April-May 2020 ). If you are selected by MSF, you will be informed and then invited to apply directly to the University of Manchester, who will make the final decision on your application.

All applicants will be informed of the outcome of the internal MSF selection process in April.

Contact Details

For questions about your application please contact OCG: learning.gva@geneva.msf.org

For questions about academic content, or your eligibility please contact the University of Manchester: leapmsf@manchester.ac.uk

For general questions about the LEAP Programme please email leap@london.msf.org.