The Universities

Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI)

HCRI is a world-renowned centre at the University of Manchester, for the study of humanitarianism, conflict response, global health, international disaster management and peace-building.

HCRI has a strong connection with MSF. Dr Rony Bauman, the Director of HCRI, served as MSF’s President from 1982 – 1994, and Dr Bertrand Taithe, the Executive Director of HCRI, is on the scientific board of CRASH at MSF OCP.

It's main research themes are:

- Critical Peace & Conflict studies

- Cultures of Humanitarianism

- Disaster Studies & Global Resilience

- Health & Medicine in Conflict and Humanitarianism

- Histories of Humanitarianism

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM)

LSTM was founded in 1898. It has been a pioneering scientific research institute since.

The university works with over 70 countries in a multidisciplinary manner, to translate research innovation and laboratory-based scientific breakthroughs into effective interventions in resource-poor settings.

LSTM has been certified as a postgraduate centre of excellence in the field of tropical medicine, and focuses its research on the following themes:

- Neglected tropical diseases

- Resistance research and management

- Lung health & Tuberculosis

- Malaria & other vector borne diseases

- Applied health

- Maternal and new-born child health