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What have MSF students said about LEAP?

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“I really find LEAP a very smart initiative, and retention measure, that invests in us. [We can] learn more about humanitarian operations and interact with others in MSF. I really look forward to completing this course.”

“A blended learning course, at this type of managerial level offered by an organisation like MSF…is excellent”

“I chose to study LEAP because I wanted to … broaden my knowledge in the humanitarian field and public health studies. LEAP is unique because it has given me the chance to study both at the same time.”

“LEAP will help me a lot, because when I started my work, I had a pure medical background. [With LEAP] I can achieve my ambition to be a leader, in time.”

“As a project coordinator… LEAP is really beneficial because it helps to understand the set up of the whole humanitarian world, so that I can use this in my negotiations [with other humanitarian actors].”