Applications for the September 23 and January 24 intakes are now closed.

Who is it for?

LEAP is an MSF movement wide project and each OC will have its own recruitment process. 

At OCP we think future leaders can be anywhere in the organisation today, so we see the LEAP as needing to be as inclusive as possible. We particularly encourage our female staff to apply. This means that:

The LEAP is open to you regardless of your position, whether you are national, international and headquarters’ staff, or whether you are medical or non-medical!

What are the conditions for those working for OCP?

A key principle of LEAP is to offer higher education to those who have fewer opportunities to access it. Therefore, OCP has decided to offer it's sponsored-applicants to be under contract for the entire period of your Master's path, securing a continuous income even during the period of studies, as well as to cover other costs associated with the Master's degree (visas, flight tickets to Manchester/Liverpool, accommodation in the UK etc.). 

How will we prioritize applicants?

It's a selection based on people's potential and motivation reflected in their application and assessed by a selection committee made of representatives of several HQ departments. There will be a limited number of places each year. 

For candidates interested in studying specific individual modules, please visit the standalone modules webpage for further information. 

How to apply?

There will be an annual selection committee for the two semesters, so if you are interested in applying for the September 2023 or January 2024 semesters, the deadline is February 16th, 2023.

The selection process includes two steps, one through MSF OCP and one through the Universities. Following successful selection by OCP, candidates will be guaranteed funding for the programme and will need to apply to the university directly – with whom we work closely to make sure the people we select fit the Universities’ entry criteria.

You can apply by responding directly to the Microsoft form below. Please note that you will need to provide some documents: 

Note: If you have never taken such a test, or if your results are not satisfactory to the above requirements, you can submit the results of an online EF test for the first step of the selection process (free of charge). Please do the 50 min one, the others will not be accepted. 

All your documents MUST BE NAMED as follows: 

NAME/First Name/Content of the document (ie: "SMITH Peter-Video..." or " JOHNSON Mary-English test...")

Application form: 

If you have an Outlook address (MSF nominative e-mail address), please fill this Microsoft form:

If you don’t have an Outlook address please fill this Microsoft form:

Note for non-Outlook users: You will have to send an email with your documents to leap@paris.msf.org.

If you can’t send the video directly by email, please use WeTransfer

Please be sure to send all your documents at the same time and in the requested format

Incomplete applications will not be considered by the selection committee.

Further information and contact details

If you are thinking about applying for the programme, we would recommend visiting the application resources section of the website where you can find helpful resources to support you with your application.

If you are part of OCP and would like more information, please email leap@paris.msf.org