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What is the OCP vision for LEAP?

The goal of LEAP is to ensure we develop a talented workforce and future leadership that reflects the great diversity of the organization.

We aim to integrate higher education into the career paths of MSF rising and current leaders and especially to those who have fewer opportunities to access it.

We look to complement operational humanitarian experience with academic expertise in both medical and non-medical subject areas.

 We want to support our staff in developing and strengthening their leadership and operational management potential and their capacity for strategic vision, innovation, and critical reflection.

Who is it for?

At OCP we think future leaders can be anywhere in the organisation today, so we see the LEAP as needing to be as inclusive as possible.

This means that:

The LEAP is open to you regardless of ...

*International mobile and locally recruited staff contracted by OCP.

*International mobile and locally recruited staff contracted by OCP branch offices or partner sections, and currently working in OCP projects.

*Staff currently working in OCP HQ locations, branch offices, and partner sections.

We particularly encourage our female staff to apply. 

We particularly encourage applications from those who have some management experience within their role. This includes, but is not limited to, medical & non-medical coordinators and deputies/assistants, activity managers, medical and non-medical profiles who have an interest to become a generalist management profile (project coordinator, HoM...). 

LEAP is an MSF movement wide project, and each OC has its own recruitment process.

The LEAP Programme represents a significant investment on the part of MSF into its staff and is intended to help staff develop into strong humanitarian leaders. This programme is offered in good faith that the graduates will remain with MSF for some time after graduation. As such, please refrain from applying if you are aware that your contract with MSF is coming to an end and you are unlikely to return to MSF employment in the near future.

What funding and conditions for those who work for OCP?

A key principle of LEAP is to offer higher education to those who have fewer opportunities to access it. Therefore, attendance costs for staff (visas, flight tickets to Manchester/Liverpool, per diems etc.) for the face-to-face sessions and English language tests (if applicable) will be covered by OCP.  MSF UK will cover the course fees and accommodation in the UK. 

Please note, OCP used to offer its sponsored applicants a specific contract for the entire period of the Master's. This is no longer the case. This change had to be made for practical and legal reasons. It became difficult to implement the contracts due to the versatile nature of MSF's work. The OCP HR department is currently working on an alternative way of securing LEAP participants' pathway. For detailed information on the LEAP conditions in OCP, please refer to 'OCP Conditions and Student Commitment - 2024' and 'OCP LEAP Package'.  

How will we prioritize applicants?

It's a selection based on people's potential and motivation reflected in their application and assessed by a selection committee made of representatives of several HQ departments. There will be a limited number of 10 places each year. Participants will be split to start in the September 2024 and January 2025 semesters (there will be an opportunity for candidates to state their preference). The final selection for both cohorts will be done by the committee in April/May 2024.

Please note that this is a highly competitive programme, and 10 places correspond to a small fraction of the total number of applications.

Course delivery and study pathway

The delivery format for the semester starting in September 2024 is currently planned as blended, which combines face-to-face and online teaching (including intensive courses taught over 1-2 weeks in the UK). Please visit the internal LEAP website for any changes in delivery format due to the pandemic, and the external LEAP website for more information on the course content.

For candidates interested in studying specific individual modules, please visit the standalone modules webpage for further information. 

How to apply?

There is an annual selection committee in OCP for the two semesters, so if you are interested in applying for the September 2024 or January 2025 semesters, the deadline is March 10th 2024.

There are two phases in the selection process: an internal MSF process and then one at the University of Manchester. If you are selected by MSF, you will be informed and then invited to apply directly to the University of Manchester, who will make the final decision on your application.

Every candidate will receive an individual response with a short note regarding their application.

To apply, you must respond directly to the Microsoft Form below. You will need to provide some documents...


All your documents MUST BE NAMED as follows:
NAME/First Name/Content of the document (ie: "SMITH Peter-Video..." or " JOHNSON Mary-English test...")

*If you have never taken such a test, or if your results are not satisfactory to the above requirements, you can submit the results of an online E F SET test for the first step of the selection process (free of charge). Please do the 50 min one, the others will not be accepted.


Application form:


Note for non- Outlook users: You will have to send an email with your documents to leap@paris.msf.org. If you can’t send the video directly by email, please use WeTransfer.

Please be sure to send all your documents at the same time and in the requested format.


Incomplete applications will not be considered by the selection committee.

English Language Information

It is essential that your English language level is at a C1 minimum to take the LEAP.

If you have never taken an official English test or if the one you have is more than 2 years old, you can take an online E F SET test of 50 minutes, free-of-charge, to give you an idea of your level and for the first step of your application.

 If selected by OCP for the LEAP Program, you will then have to take a full Standard English Language Test (SELT), which OCP will pay for to apply to the university.

For a full guide on the English language test equivalents and requirements, please read carefully this document.  

Contact Details

If you would like more information about the OCP conditions for LEAP or about your application, please contact: leap@paris.msf.org.

For questions related to the academic content of the LEAP courses and for queries about your specific academic background and eligibility please email: leapmsf@manchester.ac.uk and leap@london.msf.org.