HR Information

This page is intended for those who manage LEAP students in mission.

Please note, specific requirements and conditions differ for each OC. 

If accepted on to the programme, both students and their line manager (and pool manager if applicable) will be asked to sign and return a 'student commitment form'. This form is intended to act as an agreement between the student, mission, and their OC on the study conditions, responsibilities of students on the programme, responsibilities of those managing students, and the support available for students.  

How does LEAP work?

Each OC stipulates which ‘pathway’ their candidates can take. These pathways are: Individual short courses; Postgraduate certificate (PG Cert); Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip), and a full MSc. These pathways are comprised of 'core' and 'optional' academic modules.

For a detailed breakdown of these pathways, and the possible combinations, please see the external LEAP academic content website.

Core modules are typically 15 credits and 10 weeks long, and ‘blended’, meaning that there are face-to-face dates in the UK and online study in mission. 

A minimum requirement of LEAP is that candidates attend 2 weeks of face to face study in the UK. Most of the face to face sessions run each year in October, November, March and April.

What is the time commitment?

For a 15-credit core module, 150 hours of study time to complete. Over 10 weeks, it therefore requires: 

o   25 hours of face-to-face study (over the required 2 week period)

o   125 hours of online study 

The total online study time required would equate to 12.5 hours online per week, or 2.5 hours/day during five working days. 

What resources does a mission need to provide?

For online study, LEAP students will need: 

o   an internet connection 

o   a laptop / headset

o   a quiet study-space

For access to the face-face study, LEAP students will also need:

o   per diems (prior to arrival in the UK)

o   flights booked to the UK

o   transport to the airport and visa centres

NB: All financial costs incurred by the mission will be reimbursed by the OC (with the exception of OCP).

How does the application process work?

Some OCs have requested that all applications go through the HR manager. Others have requested that candidates submit directly to the OC. 

Once candidates have been pre-selected by their OC, they are then required to formally apply to the lead partner university. This process ensures that the candidate's English language level and academic history is suitable for the course. 

After this stage, the candidate will be formally accepted on to the programme, when they can choose their specific academic modules.